Fistpack 20 – Fist My Butt – Steve Cruz and Aitor Crash

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On the wrestling mat, STEVE CRUZ and AITOR CRASH go at each other. Their silken shorts soon fall away to reveal straining jockstraps. Lots of cock diving and ass grabbing down on the mat follow. The enthusiasm and energy between these two studs is infectious. Each grabs and pokes and grunts and sucks at the other. AITOR takes over and gives STEVE a fucking he won’t soon forget. After they cum, collapse, and catch their breath, STEVE dons a pair of bright red boxing gloves and goes at the punching dummy, showing off for AITOR. AITOR gets off on the sight of STEVE boxing and jabbing and soon gets on all fours, waving his beautiful, hard ass at STEVE, coaxing him to box and jab at his ass instead. STEVE attacks AITOR’s ass with his giant red mittened hands, spreading AITOR’s cheeks wide to reveal a beautiful hairy hole, and plunging in his tongue to taste the salty Spaniard. You can bet it’s all STEVE can do to tear off those boxing gloves, grease up his hands, and have at AITOR’s sexy ass. These two have a ball all over the wrestling mat! AITOR poured over a fat round pad, his succulently inviting ass swallowing up STEVE’s tattooed arm. What a beautiful sight to behold! A great fisting session follows as the two work themselves up in a sweaty ass frenzy.

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