Fistpack 20 – Fist My Butt – Daxx Reed and Ian McQueen

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13696 02 01 - Fistpack 20 - Fist My Butt - Daxx Reed and Ian McQueen
Over in the locker room, DAXX REED readies one of his favorite toys. His eyes gleam as he greases up a long, thick, black, bulbous butt plug. He places it on the bench and positions his hungry, quivering ass ring at the toy’s shiny tip. It takes no effort at all for DAXX to slide down on this anal intruder. DAXX smiles broadly with each stroke as he rides up and down. This hot action doesn’t go unnoticed. IAN MCQUEEN saunters in, his own red-hair-pubed poker swelling within the confines of a clear pump tube. DAXX and IAN each put on a show for each other – DAXX bouncing wildly on his toy and IAN pumping his cock meat to an awesome plumper. IAN comes round to DAXX’s backside, kneels down, and tongue’s DAXX’s ass ring as it is spread open by the glistening black dildo. When the toy comes out of DAXX’s hole, IAN’s probing tongue takes over, feeding on DAXX’s greasy open asshole. While IAN’s own cock swells inside its hard plastic casing, IAN greases up his hands and dives into DAXX’s hungry, muscled ass. To see these two muscled, tattooed hunks enjoying each other is sheer poetry! Watch DAXX rise up to a standing position with IAN’s arm stuffed up his ass in liberty tribute. Then DAXX gets down on the floor, his ass pointed up over his head, and IAN comes down to swim the breath stroke inside DAXX’s well-opened hole. Finally IAN rises up and sprays forth his pent-up load from his plump, pumped cock in an eye-popping climax.

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