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Legrand Wolf, Marcus Rivers

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Dr. Legrand Wolf takes full advantage of his house guests. He and young hottie pup Marcus Rivers were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day watching movies when they both were filled with a potent amount of sexual energy.…

Eric Charming, Dallas Steele

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Mr. Dallas Steele was professional and courteous as always. Eric Charming was beet red the second they shook hands. Eric did as Mr. Steele told him. He stood up, stretched out his arms, stayed straight, all of it. As he…

Danny Wilcoxx, Cain Marko

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The basement was full of Cain Marko’s musky scent, clearly from sweating and working right next to the source of the problem. It wasn’t offensive, though. Cain’s sweat smelt woody and fresh. Like pine and smoke. It was actually quite…