Charlie, Tom Bacan

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Lying on the couch bearded hairy hunk Charlie reaches into his sweatpants and releases his big soft uncut cock which falls into view.

Charlie gets comfortable dropping his pants to his ankles then taking his already hardening dick in both hands he jerks it gently.

He plays with his thick foreskin stretching it with his fingers and exposing his big mushroom cockhead as he wanks.

Without warning young stud Tom Bacan in his pajamas wanders down the staircase spotting Charlie with his big dick in his hand.

Feeling horny Tom feels his already super erect cock through his pajama pants showing off his visible cock line.

He massages his throbbing erection through the thin fabric and smiles at Charlie who wanks just that bit harder.

Then he undoes his zipper and lets his hard cock flop into view.

Charlie is clearly turned on by Tom’s huge member and he breathes heavily as he strokes his own dick.

The two sexy young men strip off their pants and stroke each other’s cocks before Tom reaches over and engulfs Charlie’s full cock length right to the back of his throat.

Tom nibbles at Charlie’s foreskin and runs his wet tongue up and down the full length from tip to balls and back again.

They switch up positions with Charlie now on his knees chowing down on Tom’s long thin uncut dick making him moan with pleasure.

Tom then lowers his bubble butt down onto Charlie’s solid cock forcing his asshole open and feeling Charlie’s hardness moving inside his hole.

Charlie fucks him slow at first but over time he increases the pressure until he is power fucking Tom’s raw hole without any mercy.

Tom then sucks Charlie’s thick dick before mounting it again for a hardcore bareback-ass ride cowboy style.

The two hotties continue their hot ass fucking until both are close to orgasm.

Tom is first to unload blowing his jizz all over his stomach quickly followed by Charlie who breathing is so heavy until streams of hot cum run down his hand and over his balls.

Both men look exhausted after releasing their seed and rub their wet cocks’ foreskins together before the scene ends.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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