Ruben Broady

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Today we introduce you to sexy floppy-haired young twink, Ruben Broady, who eyes have an amazing intensity.

As the camera pans down his smooth body and nice shaped abs he hooks his thumb into the waistband of his sweatpants showing off just a hint of his pubic hair.

Ruben has a nice muscular V-shaped torso which we see as he lies down on the bed, playing with his nipple for the cameras.

He rubs his soft uncut dick through the material of his pants then back again with his arm in the air exposing his hairy armpit as he gives us a hot smoldering look and a faint wry smile.

As soon as he touches his cock it jumps to attention and we see him sporting a massive uncut erection and some low hanging balls.

His thick foreskin covers his big mushroom cockhead and he pulls it back exposing the tip of his thick chunky cock.

Now used to the attention Ruben jerks his solid dick with long swift strokes with his foreskin flip-flopping back and forth as his low hangers jingle jangle to the rhythm of his wank.

Ruben just manages to grasp his dick with two hands and wanks it deftly in a move he has obviously developed through copious amounts of youthful experimentation.

He breathes heavily and his balls tense before he sprays a huge jizz load across his abs and chest, he’s blown a massive load, clearly been storing that up for a few days.

Finally, another satisfied look towards the camera as Ruben Broady’s first photoshoot video ends.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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