Nils Tatum, Elio Chalamet

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Nils Tatum is busy chatting away on Belami Chat to his fans when Elio Chalamet comes in feeling horny.

Elio lies back on the sofa as Nils pulls down his shorts exposing his big erect dick which is already rock hard.

Nils then sucks down hard on his hard cock taking it right to the back of his throat until he gags on it, making Elio moan with pleasure.

Elio then lies back exposing his hot asshole as Nils forces his big thick dick between his ass cheeks into his hot hole.

Nils then bare fucks Elio’s tight bubble ass in long strong strokes from balls to tip before changing up positions to get his big uncut dick deeper into Elio.

Elio moans loudly as he can feel Nils’s thick cock moving inside him and it brings him closer and closer to orgasm.

As Nils keeps up the anal pummeling Elio can hold off no longer and he sprays his cum load all over his hot six-pack abs.

Seeing his sexy mate blowing his jizz all over, Nils pulls his cock out and coats Elio’s tight bubble butt ass with his jizz before fucking his load back inside his freshly fucked asshole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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