Jon Kael, Ian Roebuck

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Hot ripped young men Jon Kael and Ian Roebuck are celebrating the start of Sex Safari week with a double photoshoot with photographer Elliot.

We see the guys relaxing at home then as they head out to the beach. The guys look tanned and gorgeous in their nakedness with their ripped bodies and soft cocks glowing with sun oil.

They play with a football and wrestle with each other in and out of the sea.

Then back at the house, the sexy boys continue their day with a workout at the home gym.

Both boys release their stresses with the boxing punchbag before noticing their hard cocks tenting their spandex shorts.

Stripped naked they do press-ups before we admire their nude bodies as they lie back on a beanbag watching them wanking each other till they both shoot cum all over their sexy bodies. A lovely pin-up pairing.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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