Jerome Exupery, Yannis Paluan

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Jerome Exupery is always horny for sex no matter what the time of day or place.

Most times his advances are reciprocated and at other times he needs to learn to wait for his moment, especially in the early morning when some of the other cuties are still waking up from the night before.

First Jerome asks Yannis Paluan if he wants to have his big banana in the supermarket and then again later when he is chatting on his phone. Both times poor Jerome gets blown off with a little irritation.

After two days without sex, Jerome tries one final time as he walks into the kitchen with his massive uncut dick super erect, bouncing around menacingly between his legs.

Bingo this time Yannis is in the mood and he pulls down his shorts to expose his own throbbing erection.

The sexy boys rub their hard dicks together as Jerome pulls Yannis in for a hot kiss.

They start making out as Yannis kneels down on the floor with Jerome flicking his tongue deeply along his smooth ass crack getting his tongue into his tight young ass hole.

Then with Yannis braced against a bar stool, Jerome presses home his solid thick uncut monster dick splitting apart Yannis’s ass hole getting his slick dick balls deep into his hole.

Yannis moans loudly with every stroke of Jerome’s huge cock moving inside him inch by inch. Yannis just loves that feeling.

He twists his nipples increasing the sensation as Jerome pummels his bubble butt.

The bareback anal fucking continues until both young studs are close to orgasm. While Jerome’s rampant dick is deep inside his hot asshole Yannis loses control and fires off a volley of huge cumshots across his ripped abs and chest.

He’s quickly followed by Jerome who pulls out briefly to coat Yannis’s own hot ass with a huge jizz load before fucking his cum back inside Yanni’s freshly fucked ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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