Jens Christensen, Jeremy Robbins

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Hot blonde dudes Jens Christensen and Jeremy Robbins are sharing an apartment in the centre of Prague and both sexy young men are online on their phones chatting and searching for sex.

Jeremy joins Jens who is out on the balcony enjoying the morning sun and a steaming cup of hot coffee.

Jeremy is horny and wants to play with Jens so he sits down hard on his lap, grinding his ass on his soft cock, hoping he will get the message.

As Jeremy kneels down in front of Jens, they make out kissing passionately, before they move indoors to the bedroom.

Jens pulls off Jeremy’s blue shorts exposing his already rock-solid uncut cock.

With Jeremy lying on the bed, Jens licks his big uncut dick from balls to tip swallowing it whole till it hits the back of his throat making him choke.

Jeremey moans loudly with pleasure as Jens increasing the intensity of his sucking giving Jeremy the ultimate best blowjob he’s ever had.

Then Jeremy gets on all fours and blows Jens’s huge thick uncut erection, working his tongue around his big mushroom cock head and nibbling at his foreskin.

Jens pumps away at Jeremy’s throat, till his balls are on his lips.

Then Jens turns Jeremy around and runs his tongue up and down Jeremy’s smooth ass crack until his tongue tip enters his hot boy hole.

Jens rims Jeremy’s ass hole getting it lubed for his long stiff cock.

With Jeremy jerking his own dick, Jens opens his asshole with both hands before shoving his hard raw cock deep into his moist butt hole.

Jens pummels Jeremy’s hole with long strong in and out strokes and Jermey moans as he feels every inch of Jens moving inside him.

Power fucking Jeremy’s bubble butt Jens balls slap against his ass cheeks sounding like a horsewhip cracking.

The sexy young men switch up positions a number of times with Jens getting his big uncut cock deeper and harder into Jeremy’s aching hole.

Then without warning, Jeremy orgasms spraying jizz all over his abs and chest in long streams all the while Jens’s cock is fucking his ass.

Jens then pulls out and blows a huge volley of cum shots all over Jeremy’s freshly fucked ass, before fucking his cum back inside. The two exhausted young studs collapse into each other’s arms for a well-deserved dreamy post-fuck embrace.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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