Brian Jovovich, Raoul Vargas

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Blonde-haired young hunk Brian Jovovich and sexy dark-haired Raoul Vargas lie on the bed in just their shorts before Brian unleashes Raoul’s already big rock solid uncut cock from his shorts.

He jerks it slowly watching his foreskin flip back and forth over his big pink cockhead then wrapping his lips around it and polishing the tip with his tongue.

Raoul moans quietly as expert cock sucker Brian works his thick long cock sucking it right to the back of his throat, gagging when it hit the limit.

Then Raoul comes alive, taking control smothering Brian with gentle kisses and finding Brian’s huge young uncut dick tenting his gray shorts.

Raoul starts by sucking Brian’s dick through the material before flipping it out and swallowing it whole till his balls are on his lips.

He tenderly licks Brian’s hairless cum filled balls sucking them into his mouth one at a time.

Then Brian lifts his legs over his head giving Raoul full access to his hot pink hole.

Raoul takes advantage running his tongue up and down Brian’s smooth ass crack before getting the tip of his tongue into his hot hole.

Brian wanks his own dick fervently while Raoul rims his asshole getting it nice and wet for his big young dick.

Then from behind Raoul forces his erect cock into Brian’s asshole till his balls slap against his ass cheeks.

He fucks him gently at first in long slow strokes in and out before upping the ante and power fucking Brian the way he likes.

Now with Brian on top, he takes over pressing his hole down onto Raoul’s thick raw dick and squeezing his ass muscles tight he is sure to bring Raoul to orgasm doubly quick.

Brian hops off as Raoul spurts a huge cumshot across his chest and onto his face, Brian is quick to lick up his jizz and clean off Raoul’s wet cock with tongue, swallowing his full cumload.

The sexy boys lean in for a swift post fuck cummy kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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