Active Duty Favorites: Top 10 Military Guys

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Please enjoy this compilation of Active Duty’s Top 10 Military Guys!<br></br><b>00:05</b> – <a href=’–Johnny-B/146175′>Marc Montana & Johnny B</a><br /><b>03:30</b> – <a href=’–Johnny-B/145072′>Marc Montana, Spencer Laval & Johnny B</a><br /><b>06:17</b> – <a href=’–Bradley-Hayes/168028′>Blake Effortley & Bradley Hayes</a><br /><b>09:24</b> – <a href=’–Ryan-Jordan/148389′>Alex James, Blake Effortley & Ryan Jordan</a><br /><b>13:09</b> – <a href=’–Mike-OBrian/167605′>Leeroy Jones & Mike O’Brian</a><br /><b>15:53</b> – <a href=’–Scott-Finn/147323′>Blake Effortley & Scott Finn</a><br /><b>18:36</b> – <a href=’–Princeton-Price/146643′>Leeroy Jones & Princeton Price</a><br /><b>21:18</b> – <a href=’–Scott-Finn/144628′>Jesse Kovac & Scott Finn</a><br /><b>26:04</b> – <a href=’–Elye-Black/144683′>Jake Jordan & Elye Black</a><br /><b>39:40</b> – <a href=’–Richard-Buldger/146857′>John Hawkins, Alex James

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