Active Duty Favorites: Huge Loads – Ryan Jordan and Richard Buldger and Michael Stax and Jacob Stax and Spencer Laval and Donte Thick and Phoenix River and Roman Eros and Bradley Hayes and LeeRoy Jones and Blake Effortley and Logan Lane and Sammy Nicks and Johnny Stacks and Mike OBrian and Mike Johnson

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Our recruits deserve a little release and here we have the culmination of their effort in an amazing cumshots compilation.<br></br><b>00:04</b> – <a href=’–Richard-Buldger/134478′>Donte & Richard</a><br /><b>04:48</b> – <a href=’–Mike-OBrian/167605′>Leeroy & Mike</a><br /><b>08:35</b> – <a href=’–Roman-Eros/148269′>Phoenix & Roman</a><br /><b>11:16</b> – <a href=’–Michael-Stax/129974′>Richard, Jacob & Michael</a><br /><b>15:18</b> – <a href=’–Sammy-Nicks/166156′>Spencer & Sammy</a><br /><b>20:26</b> – <a href=’–Bradley-Hayes/147693′>Ryan, Johnny & Bradley</a><br /><b>24:41</b> – <a href=’–Ryan-Jordan/169637′>Phoenix, Blake, Logan & Ryan</a><br /><b>30:06</b> – <a href=’–Blake-Effortley/149325′>Mike & Blake</a><br />

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